Monday, January 17, 2011

Snowboarding with my dad.

My dad and I!
As few of you know when I am not playing games I do anything else that keeps me from going outside. Sometimes I feel like trees are monsters that want to eat me. Thats why I start all tose fires. Some how though my dad was able to make me come out of my cave of gaming to go snowboarding with him. Seeing as how he turned 50 on this particualir day I felt I owed it to him. I mean being that old he had to have helped build civilization or something!

Now before you go bashing I should let you know that I am actually pretty good at boarding. I have been at it for five years now and I feel pretty comfortable. I tend to stay away from tricks (especially with a camera in the pocket) but I can pull them off when I need to. My dad can also do these things even though his bones may be old and brittle.

gooooing up!
The day was great, we spent a lot of time just cruzing on the mountain. Occasionally SPORS (stupid people on rental skis) would get in our way but we would just laugh and knock them down. Itg really is amazing how quickly you pick this stuff back up, its like riding a bike. So while the slopes were a little icy today I was able to manage and we both had a fantastic time.

We went inside at around eleven because the slopes and lifts were getting overrun and we were getting hungry. Inside the main lodge they had the typical snacks but they also had a full resturant that I had never been into before due to the age restriction. It was a bit expensive but so is everything at the mountain. It was here that I was introduced to a " Hot toddie, life saver" which was a mixture of Butterscotch Schnapps and hot coco with a pile of whipped cream on top. If you ever get the chance to try this mixture then DO! It tastes more like a hearty coco than anything else.

Yeah I am badass!
After lunch (and one or two more life savers) we went back on the slopes more eager than ever. It was then that I got the brilliant idea to go to the top of the mountain and take a video all the way down. The ride was very rough as taking a video while boarding is not a natural way to ride. I was also very paranoid that I was going to drop my new expensive camera into the snow and break it. The pic to the right is me just about to go down, not the view in the back in all its glory. So with out any more stalling the video is at the bottom. Be sure to comment and to view my other pages, links are at the top!