Monday, January 24, 2011

Five things I have learned being a new dad.

I have not been a father for very long but it really does not take long for you to learn new things with your baby. In fact learning quickly is pretty essential to you not becoming a drunk. So if you are a new dad, or might be one, or are amused by me in some fashion then follow me as I discuss a few things I have learned.

   + Your baby is way tougher than they look.
While they are a newborn you are told to be very careful with them because they are so fragile. While this is true for their neck and their soft spot this does not apply to everything. Now I am NOT saying to shake your baby like a sack of potatoes but I am saying that they are not going to die because you bend them while putting their clothes on. You also are not going to ruin them forever if you play with then, do not go over board but do not cry if he does as well. You probably did not hurt them, just pick the baby up and hold them and it will all be OK. Also be prepared for them to scratch their faces, they will heal and those mittens do not help really...

  + Your baby is smarter than you think.
Think swearing in front of your child is cool? Well maybe it is but remember that the baby is recording everything right now. He may never remember a particular instance but I do not remember learning to talk either. So not only should you watch your tongue but you should read and play with him to help develop his brain.

   + You baby's cries are not going to annoy you like other babies
This is one my wife and I were both worried about. You remember those babies at restaurants or movies that do not stop crying. Your baby may cry just the same but it will never seem to annoy you, unless you are going to sleep. So do not think that because you hate children now that you will hate your own as well.

  + If you use formula be prepared for the consequences
great percentage of mothers swith to formula because "breast feeding is too hard." While this is not always the case it seems to be the most common one I have seen. In the long run though you are just hurting yourself and the baby. SCIENCE has proven that breast fed babies are smarter and in overall better health. Besides that though I can tell you that his refuse is going to be much easier to clean up and constipation is not so much of an issue. The formula fed babies I have met are also quite a bit crankier and less active. The topping on the cake however is that formula fed babies wake up about every two hours to be fed, my breast fed child wakes up ONCE in the entire night and sleeps after being fed. My point is that formula is NOT easier in the long run.

    + Sappy songs will start to make you cry

Remember those stupid songs about babies you used to laugh at? Well time to make a new play list in your iPod. You can call it "Why do I love these songs?" Case in point is the following song, almost makes me shed tears every time now...

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  1. You're a father?!? I did not know that!
    That's really cool! :)
    And you sound like a good dad! :)

  2. cool bro, I like kids I'm happy for you